Vegetable Acreage Loss Insurance

Vegetable Acreage
Loss Insurance


  • Vegetable Acreage Loss insurance provides commercial vegetable growers with coverage for total loss of any acreage of a vegetable crop due to natural perils.


  • Commercial vegetable producers who have planted a minimum of 0.5 acres of an eligible vegetable crop are eligible.
  • Eligible vegetable crops include:
    • Broccoli
    • Cabbage
    • Cauliflower
    • Carrots
    • Parsnips
    • Rutabagas
    • Sweet Corn
    • Cooking Onions
    • Other Onions
    • Leeks
    • Peppers
    • Pumpkins
    • Winter Squash
  • Vegetables must be adequately irrigated.
  • Qualifying acreages can only be insured under the Vegetable Acreage Loss program or AgriInsurance (not both).
  • Landlords are not eligible.
  • March 31 is the last day to apply for Vegetable Acreage Loss Insurance, make changes (add or delete crops and change coverage levels) or to cancel AgriInsurance.


  • Crops seeded during the extended coverage direct seeding period will have coverage reduced by 20 per cent.
  • The grade guarantee is ''.
  • An early loss indemnity of per cent of coverage applies for destroyed crops until the end of the extended coverage direct seeding deadline for reduced coverage.
    • In the event of an early loss indemnity, insurance continues if the acreage is subsequently planted to the same vegetable crop, but is reduced by the amount of the indemnity paid for early loss.
    • Alternatively, coverage of the original crop ceases if the affected acreage is planted to a different crop, and a new premium is due, with the applicable coverage available on the subsequent crop.

Coverage (cont'd)

  • Once the early loss stage has passed, and in the event of a claim, a deductible of per cent of the total insured acreage planted to the affected eligible vegetable crop will be applied.
  • Coverage ceases when the crop is harvested or when normal harvesting should have been completed.
  • June 30 is the last day to file Seeded Acreage Reports. Due to the later transplant deadlines for broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, producers who grow these crops must file a supplementary Seeded Acreage Report by July 31 to declare the final acreage planted.


  • There is no discount or surcharge applied to premiums for this program.
  • The premium cost is shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • MASC must be notified by the insured of losses within three days of the loss occurring.
  • Affected acreage must be in blocks of one-tenth of an acre or more. The affected crop cannot be destroyed until inspected by MASC.
  • Once inspected, if the potential yield is below a salvage threshold of  per cent, the producer may salvage (harvest) that yield and still be eligible for a full Vegetable Acreage Loss indemnity. The damaged acreage must be destroyed by tillage or some other method acceptable to MASC.
  • Producers are not eligible for a claim if the affected crop's potential yield is over the  per cent salvage threshold.

Seeding Deadlines

Seeding Deadlines

Eligible Vegetable Crop Direct Seeding Deadline Extended Coverage Direct Seeding Deadline Transplant Deadline
Cauliflower May 25 May 26 to May 30 (inclusive) July 15
Carrots June 15 June 16 to June 20 (inclusive) n/a
Cooking Onions,
Other Onions,
June 6 June 7 to June 11 (inclusive) n/a
Cabbage June 6 June 7 to June 11 (inclusive) July 15
Sweet Corn June 10 June 11 to June 15 (inclusive) n/a
Rutabagas June 20 n/a n/a
Broccoli June 30 n/a July 15
Peppers n/a n/a June 10
Leeks n/a n/a June 15
Pumpkins June 6 June 7 to June 11 (inclusive) June 20
Winter Squash June 6 June 7 to June 11 (inclusive) June 20


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