Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat


  • Winter wheat insurance provides financial assistance to winter wheat growers when they experience a significant production shortfall.


  • Winter wheat is not eligible for Stage 1 coverage. It is still eligible for the 25 per cent reseeding benefit.
  • Winter wheat is eligible for a Stage 2 UH indemnity if damage occurs prior to June 20 of the crop year following the year of planting, and you were unable to destroy or reseed due to excess moisture.
  • Winter wheat that establishes and suffers an insurable loss after June 20 is eligible for a Stage 2UH or Post Harvest claim.
  • If winter wheat is overseeded, no indemnity is payable for the damaged winter wheat. The resulting crop may be insured as Other Spring Wheat or Mixed Grain.


  • Winter wheat can be insured at , , or per cent coverage.
  • Winter wheat planted from August 15 to September 25 will have full coverage.
  • Winter wheat planted from September 26 to September 30 will have coverage reduced by 20 per cent.


  • The premium cost is shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • Reseeding benefit is 25 per cent of selected coverage (see below for reseed examples).
    • Note: If it remains too wet and an insured cannot reseed, the claim may be converted to a Stage 2UH, in which case full coverage will apply. If this occurs, the full appraised yield determined by MASC will be counted as production.
  • In the spring of each crop year, MASC will establish a date based on agronomic conditions whereby it can accurately complete a crop assessment. Crops must be appraised and consent given prior to destruction in order to be eligible for a reseeding benefit.
  • Stage 2 is 100 per cent of selected coverage (less appraised yield) for losses occurring after June 20 and prior to harvest.
  • Post harvest is 100 per cent of selected coverage.
    • Note: After the crop is harvested a final indemnity is calculated for the yield shortfall of the entire acreage of winter wheat (includes appraised production for affected acreage).

Reseed Example

The following example illustrates a winter wheat reseed claim payment on a -acre crop:

Appraised Yield
Indemnity Level
Winter Wheat Dollar Value
Indemnity per Acre
E = A x C X D
Total Indemnity
(E x acres)
bushels bushels per cent $ per bushel $ $




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