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MASC Lending provides short, intermediate and long-term financing at reasonable interest rates and flexible repayment terms to Manitoba producers.


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Young Farmer Rebate

The Young Farmer Rebate (YFR), part of the Bridging Generations Initiative, assists young and beginning farmers to develop, expand, or reorganize their farming operations. The YFR is a rebate of up to 2% on the first $300,000 of principal for each of the first 5 years of the loan. The rate for a YFR rebate is determined by MASC's 5-year rate at the time of loan commencement, as shown in the table below:

Young Farmer Rebate rate vs. MASC 5-year rate
5-Year Rate YFR Rate
≤ 4% 1.00%
> 4% to 5% 1.25%
> 5% to 6% 1.50%
> 6% to 7% 1.75%
> 7% 2.00%

The lifetime maximum rebate per individual is $30,000, with any unused YFR portion applicable to subsequent loans (on the first $300,000 borrowed).

The Young Farmer Rebate is not available on Environmental Enhancement Loans, Alternate Energy Loans, or Comprehensive Refinancing Loans.

Flexible Financing

Under MASC's Bridging Generations Initiative, producers between 18 and 39 years of age may be eligible for flexible financing terms on their MASC loan, greatly reducing their start-up costs and initial cash flow pressures.

Qualified producer can choose between:

  • Interest-only payments for the first 5 years of the loan, or
  • 90% financing with only a 10% down payment.