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Over 9 million acres of Manitoba farmland are protected by AgriInsurance


Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) offers flexible and affordable insurance to producers throughout Manitoba. Over 80 different crops are insurable through AgriInsurance.

AgriInsurance Fact Sheet

AgriInsurance Overview Details

MASC AgriInsurance insures all eligible crops against production losses and most crops against crop quality losses.

For most AgriInsurance programs, premiums are paid 40% by insured producers, 36% by the Government of Canada, and 24% by the Manitoba Government.
Exceptions: the EMI Reduced Deductible Option (participating producers pay entire premium); the highest level of optional EMI coverage (67% participating producers, 20% Canada and 13% Manitoba); and the Hay Disaster Benefit (60% Canada and 40% Manitoba).
Administrative expenses for the AgriInsurance Program are shared 60% by Canada and 40% by Manitoba.

Getting Started

Local Office Contact Information

You first need to sign up for an AgriInsurance contract to insure your crops. Applications must be made in person at a before March 31 of the growing year.

Once your AgriInsurance contract is completed and finalized, you'll receive a confirmation letter from MASC. Your active AgriInsurance contract will be automatically renewed each year until you provide notice to cancel it.

MASC divides Manitoba into 15 Risk Areas of similar crop protection risk, which are used to determine the premiums you pay and the coverage your crops receive. Your coverage is based on a 'probable yield' for each crop you insure, which is the tonnage of production MASC expects to be harvested. You can select a coverage level of 50%, 70% or 80% of this probable yield, which also affects your premium costs.

If your harvested production (adjusted for quality losses) falls below your coverage, you will be paid an indemnity equal to the production difference multiplied by MASC's dollar value for the crop.

Young Farmer Crop Plan Credit Details

The Young Farmer Crop Plan Credit assists young, beginning farmers with AgriInsurance costs with a one-time premium subsidy.

Eligibility Guidelines Relating to Independent Farm Units Details

AgriInsurance Programs

AgriInsurance offers a full complement of additional program selections that cover specific crops and coverage situations. Some programs (e.g. Crop Coverage Plus) fall under the AgriInsurance contract, while others (e.g. Vegetable Acreage Loss) are covered by their own Supplemental Terms and Conditions.

Forage Insurance

MASC Forage Insurance is a suite of programs designed to meet the needs of Manitoba's forage producers. Forage Insurance includes Select Hay Insurance and Basic Hay Insurance.

Yearly Reporting

In February, MASC releases its lists of dollar values and eligible varieties for eligible crops.

If you held a AgriInsurance contract in the previous year, you should receive a Confirmation of Insurance package (by mail) early in the crop year that lists your previously selected crops, coverage levels and selected AgriInsurance programs (and a 'Crop Management History' package that recaps your cropping information for up to the past 5 years). If you don't want to make any changes, the previous year's selections will remain in effect.

March 31
If you need to change or cancel your AgriInsurance contract, or file a claim on the previous year's crop (with late fees), or add new land to your contract to be eligible for Excess Moisture Insurance (EMI), or make changes to your AgriInsurance program selections, you must do so by March 31 of the crop year. Please confirm in person, by fax, or by phone with a .

Crops must be seeded by the dates specified in MASC's seeding deadlines. If you need more time, certain crops have an 'extended seeding period', though a 20% coverage reduction applies if a crop is seeded during this period.

In May, you should receive a Seeded Acreage Report (SAR) package (by mail or email).

June 30
You must complete and submit your SAR to MASC by June 30, either by mail, at a , or online if you've previously signed up for myMASC.

In August, a Harvested Production Report (HPR) package will be mailed or emailed to you.

November 30
You must complete and submit your HPR to MASC by November 30, by mail, in person at a , or online via myMASC.

myMASC Factsheet

myMASC Details

Producers registered for myMASC can complete their AgriInsurance SAR, HPR, and prior years grain inventory reports, apply for Hail Insurance, register a hail claim, check the status of claims, as well as view and print most statements and documents related to their insurance coverage. To register, contact a .

Making a Claim

AgriInsurance protects against crop production and quality losses caused by drought, excess moisture (rainfall and flood), frost, hail, fire, excess heat, wind, wildlife, disease and pests. If one or more of these perils are inflicted on your crops, you will be paid an indemnity if your yield falls below your coverage.

If you believe your crop(s) have been fully or partially damaged by an insurable peril, contact your Insurance Specialist immediately.

AgriInsurance claims may occur at any time in the growing season, but generally fall into four categories:

Other AgriInsurance Factsheets

Excess Moisture Insurance Details

Excess Moisture Insurance (EMI) compensates producers who cannot seed their crops before June 20 due to excessively wet conditions. EMI is a basic component of the AgriInsurance program

Reseed / Stage 1 Claim Information Details

Stage 1 Claims apply to early season losses (prior to and including June 20 for most crops), but when the crop is destroyed or reseeded to a different crop.

The Reseed Benefit also applies if the original crop is reseeded to the same or another insured crop by the applicable seeding deadline.

Pre-Harvest Claim Commonly Asked Questions (Stage 2UH) Details

Stage 2 Claims apply to losses that occur after June 20 but prior to harvest.

Post-Harvest Claim Commonly Asked Questions Details

Post-Harvest Claims apply when the crop is harvested but production falls below coverage.

Claim Appeals

AgriInsurance Appeals Details

As an MASC client, you have the right to appeal your claim. All appeals are heard by an Appeal Tribunal comprised of independent individuals with agricultural experience.

More Information

Related Information

Benefits of AgriInsurance and AgriStability Details

In AgriStability, AgriInsurance premiums are allowable expenses and AgriInsurance payments are allowable income, in both the current and reference years.

Eligibility of Broadcast and Aerial Seeding Details

MASC provides insurance for crops that are broadcast or aerial seeded, provided that steps are taken to minimize the risks associated with seeding by these methods, and that the crop achieves establishment.

Grain Contaminated with Faeces Details

The Canadian grain industry standard for faeces contamination is zero tolerance. Grain that is unmarketable due to faeces contamination may qualify for compensation under the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

Individual Coverage Details

Individual coverage provides each producer with an individual probable yield that is based on their own yield history for grain corn, open pollinated corn, hemp grain, table and processing potatoes, fababeans, soybeans, tall fescue seed, alfalfa seed, pedigreed timothy seed, annual ryegrass seed, rutabagas, cooking onions, carrots, parsnips, proso millet seed, Select Hay, and Basic Hay.

Individual Productivity Index Details

Individual Productivity Index (IPI) establishes probable yields (yield expected for each crop) based on each individual’s yield history. The impact of year to year variability is stabilized by comparing the individual yields to the area yields of similar soil types and risk areas.


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