Eligibility of Broadcast and Aerial Seeding for AgriInsurance

Eligibility of Broadcast
and Aerial Seeding
for AgriInsurance


  • MASC provides insurance for crops that are broadcast or aerial seeded, provided that steps are taken to minimize the risks associated with seeding by these methods, and that the crop achieves establishment.


In order for broadcast and aerial seeded crops to be eligible for insurance:

  • Seed must be incorporated into the soil by mechanical means on or before the associated seeding deadlines for that crop. For clarity, MASC will consider the date of incorporation to be the date of seeding.
  • Crops seeded by broadcast or aerial methods must fully establish in order to be eligible for AgriInsurance.

Failure of Crop to Establish

  • If the land was too wet to seed by conventional methods, and the crop fails to establish after broadcast or aerial seeding, the insured may be eligible for an Excess Moisture Insurance indemnity.


  • MASC conducts inspections to verify the incorporation of seed and subsequent crop establishment.

Aerial Seeding Reporting Deadlines

  • The deadline for insureds to report aerial seeding acreage on the Seeded Acreage Report is June 22 of each year.
  • Aerial seeded crops reported after June 22 will not be eligible for insurance coverage.

Broadcast Seeding Reporting Deadlines

  • Crops that are broadcast seeded must be reported on the Seeded Acreage Report by June 30.




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