MASC Corporate Overview

MASC Corporate


The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) is a Crown corporation of the Manitoba Government, established in 2005 by The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation ActPDF

MASC is governed by a Board of Directors of not fewer than five and not more than nine directors. Its Executive Management is responsible for the administration of MASC's day-to-day operations.

About MASC

About MASC

About MASC

The About MASC page lists MASC's vision, mission statement, values, and strategic goals.

Corporate Governance

Learn more about MASC's Board of Directors, Executive Management Committee, and corporate structure.

MASC Board of Directors:
James Wilson (Chair), Charles Mayer (Vice Chair), Brian Brown, Kristy-Layne Carr, Hubert Chappellaz, Betty Green, Barry Smith, Dena Viallet, Tom Wiebe
MASC Executive Management
Jared Munro, Chief Executive Officer; David Van Deynze, Chief Product Officer; Leah Cann, Chief Client Officer; Manon Pascal, Chief Financial Officer; Chris Tornato, Chief Digital Officer; Wanda Kurchaba, Chief Corporate Officer


MASC has a number of policies that relate to the governance of the Corporation's activities. Two of these policies directly relate to MASC's interaction with its clients and the public.


Publications includes links to MASC's Strategic Plan and its historical and current Annual Reports.


Learn more about the history of the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation.