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MASC AgriInsurance provides coverage for over 80 different crops grown in Manitoba. When applying for AgriInsurance, you can choose from a wide selection of crop and coverage options.

If you held an AgriInsurance contract in the previous year, you should receive a Confirmation of Insurance package (by mail or email) early in the crop year that lists your previously selected crop, coverage levels and selected AgriInsurance programs (and a 'Crop Management History' package that recaps your cropping information for up to the past 5 years). If you don't want to make any changes, the previous year's selections will remain in effect.

March 31
If you wish to make changes to your selected AgriInsurance crop and coverage programs, please confirm in person, by fax, or by phone before March 31 with a .
For most AgriInsurance programs, premiums are paid 40% by insured producers, 36% by the Government of Canada, and 24% by the Manitoba Government.
Exceptions: the EMI Reduced Deductible Option (participating producers pay entire premium); the highest level of optional EMI coverage (67% participating producers, 20% Canada and 13% Manitoba); and the Hay Disaster Benefit (60% Canada and 40% Manitoba).
Administrative expenses for the AgriInsurance Program are shared 60% by Canada and 40% by Manitoba.

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AgriInsurance Overview Details

MASC offers flexible and affordable insurance to producers throughout Manitoba. Over 80 different crops are insurable through AgriInsurance.

Options for Annual Crops

Annual Crop Programs

Fact Sheets for Annual Crop Programs

Contract Price Option Details

The Contract Price Option (CPO) allows producers to blend the price from their contracted production with the base AgriInsurance dollar value to better reflect expected market prices. The CPO is available for all insurable crops (including the corresponding organic and pedigreed crops if applicable, with the exception of potatoes, vegetables, and forages).

Crop Coverage Plus Details

The Crop Coverage Plus (CCP) option insures all eligible crops as a group, not as individual crops. It provides producers more coverage and more compensation in disaster years. With CCP coverage, all eligible crops have the value of their yields combined, so production losses in one crop may be offset by above average yields in another crop. A claim is triggered when there is a shortfall in the total value of production of all crops.

Excess Moisture Insurance

Excess Moisture Insurance (EMI) compensates producers who cannot seed their crops on or before June 20 due to excessively wet conditions. EMI is a basic component of the AgriInsurance program. The deadline for making changes to EMI options for a crop year is November 30 of the previous calendar year. June 22 is the last day to file an EMI claim without penalty, if unable to seed due to excess moisture on or before June 20.

Vegetable Acreage Loss Details

Vegetable Acreage Loss Insurance (V.A.L.) provides commercial growers (who grow more than 0.5 acres of an eligible vegetable crop) with basic disaster coverage for losses to vegetable crops due to natural perils. Eligible vegetable crops include: broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, onions (cooking and other), parnsips, rutabagas, sweet corn, peppers, leeks, pumpkins and winter squash.

Small Farm Acreage Loss Insurance (Pilot) Details

The Small Farm Acreage Loss Insurance (Pilot) program allows producers who grow crops under Vegetable Acreage Loss (V.A.L.) minimum threshold of a half-acre to combine crops into a basket for small farm coverage.

Forage Insurance

Forage Insurance

MASC Forage Insurance is a suite of programs designed to meet the needs of Manitoba's forage producers. Forage Insurance includes Select Hay Insurance and Basic Hay Insurance, additional coverage options for specific situations, and extra benefits available to producers at no additional premium cost.

Crop-Specific Information

Crop-Specific Information

Due to the unique nature of some crops insured by AgriInsurance, MASC provides additional specific information for these crops - seeding deadlines, eligibility requirements, and more.

Fact Sheets for Specific AgriInsurance Crops

Corn Insurance Details

Corn Insurance provides optional coverage for growing hybrid and open pollinated corn for grain, as well as provisions that directly relate to production, coverage and storage of silage corn.

Forage Seed Details

Forage Seed Insurance provides financial assistance to producers when they experience a significant production shortfall. Coverage is based on your individual 10-year historic yields, and all varieties of alfalfa seed, tall fescue seed, perennial ryegrass seed, and pedigreed timothy seed are insurable (with some qualifications).

Novel Crops Details

Novel Crops Insurance provides coverage on crops not currently covered by the AgriInsurance program due to the relatively small number of acres grown and/or lack of data or information available.

Organic Production Details

AgriInsurance for Organic Crops reflects the additional value of organic production and recognizes the special management challenges associated with organic production. Insured under the AgriInsurance for Organic Crops program, producers receive higher dollar values and pay relatively higher premiums to reflect the higher risk and higher dollar value.

Pedigreed Seed Details

To help offset higher costs incurred by producing pedigreed seed (Red Spring, Hard White, Durum, Extra Strong, Prairie Spring and Winter wheats, Barley, Soybeans, Oats, Canola, Rapeseed, Flax, and Field Peas), MASC gives pedigreed seed growers the option to insure their eligible crops at higher dollar values. Producers must select 'Pedigreed Seed Insurance' by March 31, and declare any pedigreed seed acres on their Seeded Acreage Report (SAR).

Perennial Ryegrass Seed Details

Perennial Ryegrass Seed Insurance provides compensation to producers of perennial ryegrass seed when they experience a significant production shortfall. In its establishment year, perennial ryegrass seed is also insurable under the Forage Establishment Insurance (FEI) program. Producers who select FEI are insured for winterkill and other causes of loss during the establishment phase.

Polycrop Establishment Details

Polycrop Establishment Insurance provides financial assistance to Manitoba farmers if an eligible polycrop fails to establish. Polycrops are the mixture of two or more annual crops, other than Greenfeed, grown simultaneously on the same acreage for purposes of livestock feed, soil restoration, or green manure.

Potatoes Details

Potato Insurance provides financial assistance to Manitoba potato growers when they experience a significant production shortfall. Both table and processing potatoes (irrigated and non-irrigated) are insurable, and growers can choose from 50%, 70%, and 80% coverage levels.

Winter Wheat Details

Winter Wheat Insurance provides compensation to producers who experience a significant production shortfall or need to reseed due to winterkill or other designated perils. Coverage for winter wheat is slightly different than other cereal crops: Winter wheat and fall rye crops destroyed prior to June 20 are not eligible for a Stage 1 indemnity (50% coverage), but are eligible for a 25% reseed benefit for losses prior to June 20. Losses occurring after June 20 and prior to harvest are deemed Stage 2 losses, and are eligible for 100% coverage.

Saskatoon Establishment Details

Saskatoon Establishment Insurance provides coverage to Manitoba producers who grow saskatoons commercially and sustain losses due to natural causes during the establishment phase. This program covers saskatoon plants for a 3-year establishment phase, and remains in effect from year-to-year until cancelled by the producer.

Strawberry Establishment Details

Strawberry Establishment Insurance provides coverage to Manitoba's commercial strawberry producers who sustain losses in the establishment period due to natural causes. Insured strawberry plants are insured over their first winter after being transplanted.


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