Polycrop Establishment Insurance

Polycrop Establishment


  • Polycrop Establishment Insurance (PEI) provides financial assistance to Manitoba farmers if an eligible polycrop fails to establish.


  • Polycrops are the mixture of two or more annual crops, other than Greenfeed, grown simultaneously on the same acreage for purposes of livestock feed, soil restoration, or green manure.
  • Eligible crops in polycrop mixtures could include:
    • Warm-season grasses (e.g. corn, millet, sorghum)
    • Cool-season grasses (e.g. barley, oats, triticale)
    • Legumes (e.g. field peas, forage peas, hairy vetch)
    • Brassicas (e.g. kale, forage radishes, purple-top turnips)
  • Crops grown as polycrop mixtures must be suitable to the region and soil zone, as determined by the corporation.
  • All acres of new plantings of eligible polycrops must be insured if PEI is selected for coverage.
  • Forage polycrops must be seeded by June 25 to be eligible for coverage.


  • The coverage level selections available in are $ or $ per acre.
  • The last day to apply for, make changes to (add or delete crops and change coverage levels), or to cancel Polycrop Establishment Insurance is March 31. Once selected, insurance is ongoing and automatically renews each year until the producer cancels the option.
  • Coverage begins at the time of planting and ends August 31.
  • A Seeded Acreage Report must be submitted to MASC by June 30.
  • Establishing annual polycrops insured by this program are subject to the same weed tolerances and fertility expectations as establishing perennial crops.


  • The premium cost is shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • A producer with establishment insurance can make a claim if the insured acreage of annual polycrop mixture fails to achieve per cent of ground coverage.
  • In all cases, the crop must be inspected by MASC prior to being destroyed.
  • Claims may be made any time after planting, but all claims must be registered with MASC by August 31.
  • Eligible claims are paid the selected dollar value coverage on the number of acres that fail to establish.
    • Claims that occur on or before June 25 are entitled to a per cent payment of the claim calculation.
    • Claims occurring after June 25 are calculated according to the percentage of established ground cover:
      • < 50% ground cover: 100% of claim payment
      • 50 to 74% ground cover: 50% of claim payment
      • 75 to 100% ground cover: no payment

Claim Example

A producer selects $ per acre coverage on his establishing polycrop, and registers a claim with MASC on July 2. After an inspection, MASC determines the crop only achieved 43 per cent ground cover.

Selected Coverage:   $ per acre
Eligible Claim Acres:    acres
Ground Cover:   43% ground cover = 100% payment
Claim Amount:   = $ x acres x 100%
  = $




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