MASC Policies

Corporate Policies

MASC has a number of policies that relate to the governance of the Corporation's activities. Two of these policies are directly related to MASC's interaction with its clients and the public.

MASC's Privacy Policy provides guiding principles to ensure that personal and confidential information is managed appropriately and responsibly.

MASC's Handling Producer and Public Concerns Policy outlines the governing principles relating to the handling of client, producer and public concerns or complaints, to ensure that concerns are dealt with in a responsible manner.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact your local MASC Insurance Agent or Lending Representative.

Privacy Policy

The purpose of MASC's Privacy Policy is to outline the guiding principles for MASC's management of personal and confidential information.

The MASC Privacy Policy provides that:

  • MASC collects information under the authority of The Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation Act, and is required to protect personal and confidential information in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • In addition to protecting the privacy rights of individuals, MASC is committed to protecting information provided to it in confidence by its clients, public bodies or other organizations.
  • In keeping with established principles of fair information practices, MASC is responsible to:
    • obtain consent before collecting, using and disclosing personal information;
    • collect the minimum amount of information needed to accomplish its purpose;
    • use and disclose personal information only for the reason(s) it was collected, unless consent is obtained, or if such use and disclosure is required or permitted;
    • ensure the personal information that is collected is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for its purposes;
    • provide individuals with access to their own information and allow them to make corrections as appropriate;
    • keep personal information only for as long as it is required; and
    • ensure the security of personal information.
  • MASC has designated staff to answer questions and handle complaints and further, a person who is dissatisfied with a decision made by MASC respecting privacy matters may make a complaint to the Ombudsman for the Province of Manitoba, in accordance with The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Handling Public & Producer Concerns Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline the governing principles that relate to MASC's handling of client, producer and public concerns or complaints (concerns).

MASC is committed to the following principles with respect to the administration of its programs and services:

  • to treat all clients (including prospective clients) professionally, courteously and fairly;
  • to treat clients in similar situations consistently;
  • to provide clients with complete, accurate, clear and timely information; and
  • to base its decisions on relevant information and to be accountable for those decisions.

Board Responsibility

  1. The Board of Directors, in directing the business and affairs of MASC, is primarily responsible for establishing corporate policy.
  2. The Board meets with producer groups on a regular basis to discuss policy matters and possible program changes.
  3. The Board does not review specific concerns unless MASC's Executive Management Committee (Executive Management) refers such matters to it in accordance with this policy.

Executive Management Responsibility

Executive Management is primarily responsible for handling concerns that arise in the administration of day-to-day operations.

More specifically, Executive Management is responsible:

  • to ensure that staff conduct corporate business in accordance with the principles established in this policy;
  • for the thorough review of concerns to ensure compliance with applicable legislation and policies;
  • to identify developing trends in the type of concerns received;
  • based on developing trends or on any one concern, to refer to the Board matters that identify a need for the reconsideration of corporate policy (e.g. MASC's policy is unclear or has unintended consequences); and
  • based on exceptional circumstances, to refer to the Board any other concern for consideration.

Executive Management is also required to copy relevant correspondence to the Board on the matters handled in accordance with this policy.


Misrepresentation and program abuse are not victimless acts – they can affect everyone and anyone. For most AgriInsurance programs, premiums are paid 40% by insured producers, 36% by the government of Canada, and 24% by the Manitoba government. So, misrepresentation and program abuse do not only negatively affect AgriInsurance programs and other producers, but the public as well.

In order to offer equitable insurance at reasonable cost, MASC works hard to ensure that producers only receive payments for claims for which they are eligible. Specific examples of misrepresentation include:

  • misstating production on a harvested production report
  • misstating production in respect of a claim
  • failing to disclose any fact required to be stated
  • making a false statement

MASC does NOT consider misrepresentation or abuse of government programs just another cost of doing business. MASC staff are vigilant to identify concerns.

If you suspect misrepresentation or abuse of MASC's programs, either occurring now or having occurred in the past, please contact MASC TIPS lines at:

Contact Information


Attention: Supervisor, Investigations
400 – 50 – 24th Street NW
Portage la Prairie, MB
R1N 3V9
(204) 239-3246
(ask for Supervisor, Investigations)
Penalties for misrepresentation and abuse of AgriInsurance and other programs can be significant and include claim reductions or claim recovery, termination from the program, and referral to law enforcement for possible criminal charges. See the annual AgriInsurance Contract for further details.