Saskatoon Establishment

Saskatoon Establishment


  • Saskatoon Establishment Insurance provides commercial growers with replacement cost insurance for saskatoon plants lost during establishment.


  • Insurance is available to all producers who have an AgriInsurance contract. Landlords are not eligible.
  • March 31 is the last day to apply for Saskatoon Establishment Insurance, make changes (add or delete crops and change coverage levels), and to cancel AgriInsurance.
  • Plants that are transplanted on or before June 20 or in the case of fall plantings, plants transplanted between August 15 and November 30, are eligible for insurance.
  • Each year producers must insure all plants that are less than three years old, since saskatoon plants take three years from the time of transplanting before they are considered established.
  • To qualify for establishment insurance, a minimum of saskatoon plants are required.
  • Plants must be irrigated in a manner satisfactory to MASC.


  • Coverage is for the cost of replacement plants only.
  • There is a per cent deductible based on the number of saskatoon plants insured.
  • If the majority (51 per cent or more) of saskatoon plants in any block are less than three years old, MASC may insure all of the plants in that block. If the majority (51 per cent or more) of saskatoon plants in any block are more than three years old, that block will not be accepted for insurance as it is considered to be established.
  • Coverage in the establishment phase is on a year-by-year basis. The establishment phase consists of Year 1 (transplant year) and Years 2 and 3 (subsequent growth years).
  • June 30 is the last day to file Seeded Acreage Reports.
  • Insurance is in place from April 1 of the crop year until June 20 of the following crop year.


  • The premium cost is shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • The producer must request a claim prior to June 20 (in the year after transplanting) and prior to removing dead plants. MASC will assess the loss.
  • The first per cent of the establishing saskatoon plants lost will not be indemnified.
  • After inspection, non-viable plants must be removed/destroyed to MASC’s satisfaction.
  • If some plants are viable within a block where a significant loss has occurred, the viable plants may be considered lost as well, if it aids mechanical destruction or re-planting.
  • Claim Example

    In , a producer transplants saskatoon plants. In , the producer had transplanted saskatoon plants. For , the saskatoon establishment coverage is on ( + ) saskatoon plants. There are plants that fail to establish.

    Deductible   = plants x per cent
      = plants
    Payable Claim   = plants (failed to establish)
    - plants (deductible)

      = plants

Other Program Details

  • Saskatoon establishment is not eligible for Crop Coverage Plus or MASC Hail Insurance.




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