Forage Establishment Insurance

Forage Establishment Insurance


  • Forage Establishment Insurance (FEI) provides financial assistance to Manitoba farmers if an eligible forage crop fails to establish.


FEI must have the seed incorporated by mechanical means. If an FEI crop is planted more than three days after a cover crop, MASC may inspect to verify the cover crop is not excessively damaged.

  • Eligible forage crops include spring or fall plantings in any combination of alfalfa, clover, sainfoin, perennial ryegrass, and other perennial grasses (excluding native grasses).
  • All acres of new plantings of eligible forage establishment crops must be insured if FEI is selected for coverage.
  • Spring plantings must be seeded by June 25.
  • Spring seeded perennial ryegrass must be seeded with a companion crop to be eligible for FEI.
  • Fall plantings of perennial grasses (excluding perennial ryegrass seed), alfalfa, sainfoin, and clover must be seeded on or after July 25 but not later than August 15.
  • Fall plantings of perennial ryegrass seed must be seeded on or after August 10 but not later than September 5.
  • Fall seeded perennial ryegrass, alfalfa, sainfoin, and clover must be planted without a companion crop to be eligible for FEI.
  • Birdsfoot trefoil, native grasses, and annual ryegrass are not eligible for FEI.


  • The coverage level selections available in are $ or $ per acre.
  • The last day to apply for, make changes to (add or delete crops and change coverage levels), or to cancel AgriInsurance is March 31. Once selected, FEI is ongoing and renews automatically each year until the producer cancels the option.
  • A Seeded Acreage Report must be submitted to MASC by June 30, and a Harvested Production Report must be submitted by November 30.


  • Premium costs are shared per cent by the producer, per cent by the Government of Canada, and per cent by the Province of Manitoba.


  • FEI claims must be registered by June 25 (without penalty) of the year following planting. No claims will be accepted after June 30.
  • Indemnities are dependent on whether the acres were reseeded, overseeded, or destroyed.
  • No FEI indemnity is paid on stands where ground cover of per cent or more of tame species has been attained.
  • In all cases, the crop must be inspected by MASC prior to being destroyed or overseeded in order to be eligible for a claim.




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