Continuous Hail Insurance Option

Continuous Hail
Insurance Option


  • Producers selecting the Continuous Hail Insurance Option (CHIO) are not required to complete an annual hail application as hail insurance coverage renews automatically every year.


  • To be eligible for the CHIO, producers must have all eligible crops insured under AgriInsurance at the per cent coverage level.
  • Most crops are included in the CHIO automatically, with the following crops only eligible as Optional Crops:
    • processing and table potatoes
    • rutabagas
    • cooking onions
    • parsnips
    • other onions
    • carrots
    • cabbage
    • cauliflower
    • broccoli
    • sweet corn
    • greenfeed
    • Basic Hay
    • Select Hay
    • pedigreed timothy seed
    • alfalfa seed
    • perennial ryegrass seed
    • annual ryegrass seed
    • silage corn
    • tall fescue seed
    • leeks
    • peppers
    • pumpkins
    • winter squash
    • strawberries
    • organic crops

  • These Optional Crops can be individually added to your CHIO selection. The deadline to sign-up or cancel the CHIO (or add / remove Optional Crops) is March 31.


  • All seeded acres of eligible crops will automatically be insured for maximum coverage under MASC Hail Insurance.
  • Coverage comes into effect on April 1 of the crop year immediately following the year in which the Continuous Hail Insurance Option is selected and automatically renews from crop year to crop year.
  • Coverage can only be cancelled if acres become non-viable and are appraised by MASC and subsequently destroyed, all in accordance with the Short Date Cancellation Table.


  • Premiums are based on the rates published annually by MASC.
  • CHIO participants automatically qualify for a two per cent hail premium discount.
  • CHIO participants who have maintained their CHIO coverage for more than two years will receive an additional one per cent discount each year, to a maximum of five per cent in the fifth year of continuous participation.
  • Insureds are also eligible for a five per cent hail premium discount if their hail premium is paid by July 31.

Other Program Details

  • The Continuous Hail Insurance Option eliminates the need to apply for hail insurance each year.
  • Insureds are sent a Statement of Hail Insurance after their Seeded Acreage Report has been processed.
  • Landlords have the option to select the CHIO regardless of the coverage level selected by their tenant.